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Star Wars Stories

I started making up Star Wars stories almost immediately
after seeing the movie when I was 6. It
wasn't enough for my friends and brother and me to just
play with our toys. I had to have us act out stories
with them.
During that time my mother was writing down my stories as I
told them. She thought they were good and
imaginative, and one year she typed them up just as I
would tell them and put them in a binder and gave
then to me for my birthday.
It was the first time I saw my own words in print and could
read and re-read what I'd made up. My first
fanfiction, and I never stopped writing my own stories
after that.
I am a huge fan of Luke Skywalker, hence the large JPEG.
Simply because I can.
Any comments are welcome.

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Ten Things I Like About Luke

He had a light saber.
He flew an X wing.
Even in his first space battle he knew when and how to take command.
He almost put binders on Chewbacca.
He refused an offer of power from Darth Vader.
He wore goofy rebel uniforms without embarrassment.
He knew the value of that little droid, R2D2.
He said no to the Emperor.
He became a Jedi like his father before him.
He made rancor keeper cry.