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The Stories

A Danziger Story (1)
A Danziger Story (2)
Uly's Father
Getting Down To Business
I Quit
Inland Sea, a story for Laurie
A Time to Rend
No Guarantees
NoOne Said It Was Going To Be Easy
9 Weeks
Eben Sinh Page
Secondary Character Names
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ABOVE IN PICTURE: Standing background - JOHN DANZIGER (Clancy Brown), DEVON ADAIR (Debrah Farentino), ALONZO SOLACE (Antonio Sabato, Jr.), Dr. JULIA HELLER (Jessica Stein), YALE (Sullivan Walker)
Foreground - TRUE DANZIGER (J. Madison Wright), ULYSSES ADAIR (Joey Zimmerman), BESS MARTIN (Rebecca Gayheart), MORGAN MARTIN (John Gegenhuber, now John Wollner)

Earth 2 . . .the basic story of the series' premise . . .

It is 200 years in the future. Most of Earth has become uninhabitable and the majority of human population has been forced to live in space stations scattered throughout the solar system. What was at first the salvation of humankind, the stations as they are commonly known, have become the source of an illness that is quietly and steadily spreading among the populace. Known as the Syndrome, it is affecting children born into the sterile environments of the Stations. It is believed to be caused by “an absence of Earth,” meaning a lack of germs and viruses and bacteria which our bodies learn to deal with and adapt to as we grow. No child contracting the Syndrome has ever lived beyond the age of 8.
Devon Adair, the daughter of a wealthy family involved in the construction of the stations, gives birth to a son who is stricken with the Syndrome. Determined to save her son, Ulysses, she uses her personal fortune to organize and equip an expedition to a distant planet she believes will offer the chance for a cure to the disease. It is called the Eden Project and consists of two ships. The smaller, faster ship will take the Eden Advance team of colonists ahead to build a colony site and a hospital on the planet in anticipation of the arrival of the larger ship carrying 200 families. Due to reach the planet 2 years after the smaller ship, the colony ship will leave the families at the new colony and return to the stations for more colonists.


Most of the stories you will find here are simple, uncomplicated stories, not epic struggles comparable to the weekly series where an obstacle of some kind had to be overcome every week before the Edenites could move along on their journey, or could just live another day.
There are many good authors who have written that type of fanfic for the series. I leave it to them. I write the small stuff.
I wrote my stories originally to get on my sister's nerves, which is why most of them go absolutely nowhere. ;) She is a big Devon/Danziger shipper and I just liked ticking her off by writing stories where Devon and John ended up not getting together, but going in separate directions and settling down with other people. So keep that in mind as you read them. Many will link together in the end. What happens in one story will carry through into many of the others.
Background Crew
I got tired of working with last names only early on, soI made up my own first names for the members of the secondary crew. I based them on friends, family and co-workers. Many fanfic writers have done the same. As far as I know, no one with connections to the show has ever revealed what their first names might have been, or even what their places on the ship might have been - i.e. crew or colonists. I made up my own designations for that, too.

Role Playing Games and Round Robin; I thought I would add the storylines from an Earth 2 Round Robin and RPG that I have been participating in for the last two years. The stories are growing slowly due to real life situations but they are taking shape. I think they are good enough to share outside the games. They will be updated monthly.
E2 Round Robin


Disclaimer: The Earth 2 stories presented here are based upon characters and situations owned by Universal and Amblin' Entertainment. They are created for the personal entertainment of the writers and readers, and have never been nor ever will be for sale in any way, shape, or form. Just a bunch of amateurs trying to write like the big pros, and failing miserably most of the time.


1-- Moon Cross. My all time favorite episode.
2-- All the diverse characters who populate the series.
3-- The locations where the series was shot.
4-- The theme music - and the music in general.
5-- Julia's recipe for a batch of blood. Sea water and a spider.
6-- Morgan's jazz band.
7-- Gaal's speech while spit polishing his mag-pro grenades.
8-- Walman always sleeping while standing watch at night.
9-- Danziger's remedy for spider bite.
10-- Playing Where's Eben? A variation of Where's Waldo, with a prettier subject.


This is a map created for the series and which was featured on the now defunct official website. My stories follow the map, not the directions given in the series. On television the Edenites were traveling "west to New Pacifica", a direction that would take them to the west coast, but well north of the place on the map designated as New Pacifica.
By looking at this map and using their estimates of distance and time needed to cover ground between their crashsite and New Pacifica, I put their crashsite in the lower right half of the square to the right of the one with the last "A" in "FARKA." They would be journeying west from there and spending the winter partway through what is called the "Granito Range." Beyond that, somewhere just below the "F" in Farka would be where they find the Bennet/Anson ship and where Devon is left in cold sleep.
In my stories I have them turning south/southwest a bit over the white line and heading in that direction. As one can see, they would pass within less than a hundred kilometers of a large bay in Ocean Pacifica before they reach those last coastal ranges between them and New Pacifica. My creation, the Disputed Plateau where the travelers spend their second winter on G889, would be in the lower right corner of the square to the left of the "G" in "GRANITO" square. Do I have your heads spinning yet?
It's an interesting map. A lot of thought went into the creation of Earth 2. Too bad it never had a chance to be successful.