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Teen Giantess Stories

This is the links page for all of my teen giantess stories! Some of them are vore stories, and some of them are just regular teen giantess stories!

I labeled some of the vore stories, so people into vore can go through and see which stories contain vore.

Nazi Cheerleaders From Dimension Zero added February 14, 2009!

Micromage & Thundergirl added February 15, 2009!

"The Hook-Up" was added June 13th, 2009. It was published in the February 2007 issue of Twisted Tongue magazine! It's my first published story!

Teen Giantess Stories

Aztec Goddess Of Microterra (Vore)
Escape Attempt
Hasty Decision (Vore)
Megawoman & Goddess-Girl
Micromage & Thundergirl (Vore)
Worlds Away
Nazi Cheerleaders From Dimension Zero (Vore)
Pocket Pals (Vore)
Predator (Vore)
Quantum Flux
Rampage (Vore)
Shelly's Captive
Stature Statute
The Hook-Up
The Six Millimeter Man
The Titaness Who Conquered Tinytopia
Vore Girls Captor Club (Vore)