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Hello I am your webmistress Sketch Star. If you are looking for Furi Kuri images you have come to the right place. You are welcome to use any of the images in my gallery, I just ask that you do not direct link them. If you would like to use one of my images, save it into your own server. Direct linking uses up the bandwidth on my site and makes it hard for people to access. Also if all of my bandwidth is used up, direct linked images will show up as a red X...

I've heard enough out of that pussy. This is Vanyle. Lets keep this brief. This site is dedicated to hardcore fans of Furi Kuri. Sketch Star and I want you to enjoy this site that we put so much work into every day.
I'm really sorry...
With exams coming up I just have not had time to work on this site. I promise that I will revamp the wholl site once I graduate. I graduate on the 18th of this month if your wondering. High schools almost over!
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she can be your pet at
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