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The Paladin order

Personnel - Moroiniy Traverts

Age at death: 18

Mor was born in the Jalyn star cluster to Bethel and Aina Traverts, farmers. When he was roughly fourteen, the Anari Alliance headed by Quinis Asanis invaded the star cluster and subjugated it almost completely.

His potential in the Force was the highest ever recorded in the Anari sector, which had seen such luminaries as President Asanis, the Nightsister Sira Ves, the genetically manipulated warrior Kayne, and many more. This untrained talent caused notice to be taken almost immediately by the Corps of Adepts. He was pulled out of school at fifteen and taken to the Twilight Praxeum on Sabii.

Sabii was ruthless to him; terrain, weather, instructors and companions all seemed combined against the young farmboy. The fact that he wanted only to stay at home with his family meant less than nothing to the Detori who ran the base - La-Reia Beorht, Kel Sidal and Arianah Windryder. They were determined to make him into a top-quality Darksider. This determination only increased when it was learned that Mor was, in fact, a tactical genius. He became Praetor of the Night's Children, the assassin caste.

The strain of being forced to learn violence and hatred took its toll on him. His sanity became questionable. As the Sith War broke out and his seventeenth birthday passed, he hatched a plan of both revenge and escape. He hacked a comm server and contacted the Sith, notifying them that in five days' time the Praxeum would be ripe for the taking.

On the set night, he released a stolen sleeping-gas into the complex's ventilation system. The Detori, arrogant to a fault, didn't foresee this, and were paralysed in their sleep. Five other advanced students, though, having kept an eye on their strange comrade, were forewarned. They donned gas masks and also escaped.

Derrick Whitestar, Traverts' rival and Praetor of the Dark Jedi sept, confronted him in the hangar bay. They fought, and Traverts won the right to leave.

He returned home, only to find an Anari Intelligence operative watching the house. It had been only hours since his betrayal of the Detori Order. The man didn't know. His job was to wait for Mor...but only to see that he completed his final test as a Darksider.

To kill his family.

Sickened, Mor slew the operative and took his family onto the shuttle he'd stolen. Fearful of retribution on them for his crimes, he planned to hide his parents away in some corner of the galaxy, and teach his sister Jess to use the Force - but only the Light Side. A wrench was thrown in the works, however, in the person of Darion Twin'Vo, another pupil of the Praxeum. Twin'Vo stopped his flight and enlisted his aid in a snatch-and-grab attack on an Adept facility where Twin'Vo's younger brother had been imprisoned as insurance for his good behaviour. The two ex-Detori followed up by using their identification codes to access the Detori/Adept communal accounts, and to take almost fifteen million credits.

At this point, following a call from the Force, Mor located a facility of Jalyn rebels. Serena, now reformed, agreed to join him, as did her apprentices Tahrin Mokveh and Rave.

The next phase of Mor's improvised plan now took shape. A Detori had absolute command priveledges - and the military did not yet know that he was a traitor. He and Darion ordered an AA battlecruiser to proceed to an unnamed system and unload her crew. This crew was well-compensated and composed mainly of Jalyn conscripts; there was little trouble.

After arranging employment and quarters for his parents on New Cov, Mor bought a parcel of land on Filve. Darion, Volan, Serena, Tahrin, Rave and Jess came with him, and soon to arrive were Derrick Whitestar, Kara Soulster and Kanato Sythis, all of which expressed interest in the creation of a new order. Pleased, Mor arranged construction of a small facility with REC, despite the fact that the CEO, Lamont, called in Freedom Nadd of the Jedi Council to mediate. Sparks were struck, but the deal was concluded.

Five months later, Tahrin reached the rank of Knight and was sent away by Serena for her Trials. She died in success, murdered by Serena's own father. The Paladins retaliated; Mor, Serena, Jess and a possessed Rave attacked the house of retired Inquisitor Seren Mordavo. Serena died in the attempt, Mor was rendered paraplegic, and Rave was exorcised. Mordavo let them leave.

Now hover-chair bound, Mor was interrupted at dinner by the ex-Detori and mass murderer Lyn-Char Beorht...who was now running covert missions against both the Imperial Remnant and the Sith Empire. Cautious, he agreed to help with an infiltration of an Imperial base. Jess was left in the care of Kanato Sythis.

En route, an accident occurred. Beorht was rendered amnesiac, and Mor died. In death, however, he managed to anchor his spirit to his lightsaber, which was alchemical and nearly indestructable. He spent six months 'trapped between heaven and earth', as he put it, before reaching Filve once more.

He now resides in spectral form at the Paladin complex, teaching Darion and Kay sorcery from Detori books and datacards. This will not last, however. Soon enough, he will ask that his lightsaber be cast into the alchemy furnaces, thus destroying his link with mortal life. He doesn't mind. In fact, he's been ready for eternal rest since Sabii.

Principal weapons: alchemical-hilt lightsaber w. detachable alchemical broadsword blade.