When Worlds Collide

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Note about the story: I honestly didn't expect so much feedback arguing over the choices both Buffy and Angel make in this story. I love it, it gives me a chance to have some really good conversations/arguments with others, don't get me wrong. I realize that we, as B/A-shippers want them together. Just remember that they are. Think of it this way: in every world we create, some incarnation of Buffy is with an incarnation of Angel, be it Liam, Angelus, or the combination that is Angel. Now I know that a lot of people have Angel problems (he left Buffy, the whole horror that was Cordelia, etc., etc., etc.) But Buffy has her own issues (the horror that was Riley *shudder* and the lie in Sanctuary, an episode I still refuse to see) and yes, I know a lot of that was her way of moving on after Angel basically told her that he didn't want to be with her. However, and this is turning into a longer explanation than I intended, so I'll try and cut it short. 

However, they both make choices. All I ask is that you give this story, and the choices that both Buffy and Angel make, a chance. We think of them as soulmates, and yes, they are otherwise why write obsessively about them? But what if? What if this were to happen? What if the reason it didn't work between them was because they were afraid to learn? What if they had to go through what they did before they realized what they could do to get what they wanted?

Buffy didn't exactly fight for Angel all the time. Yes, I know - and agree - that she did. But she listened and cared more for what her friends thought. If she hadn't, then a lot of what I, and other fic writers write - how she fights back and argues for her life - wouldn't need to be said so many times. So, that long explanation having been said, just remember. I'm all for B/A in any and all incarnation. *g* Just give this one a try.

Authors note: This is confusing to me, and I wrote it. So I tried to break it up as best I could, so thank you to the wonderful Peter David for unknowingly allowing me to use his technique of separating universes. For those of you not Trek fans, in his book, Q-Squared, (HIGHLY recommended) he uses train schedules as a means of keeping his universes separate. Since I was concentrating on the story and not on cute and interesting ways to separate things like that, I borrowed.

There was a mini ice age in the late 1800s from the volcano Krakatau erupting in 1893. Read a little about it here

I'd also like to thank Bent, Kolumbynne, and L.J. for the help, story ideas that actually flowed instead of stalled, and beta-ing.

Feedback makes an author's day! Christine

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