Sche stood on the plateau over looking the fertile fields of their new home. With her baby held against her left breast, she sat down and stared off into the distance. Khyber walked up behind her, his massive wings cast their shadow over her. Sche remained unmoved as Khyber knelt down beside her.

“You are still pining after him aren’t you?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“Rhune is the father of that child, there is no use denying your feelings for him.”

Sche pulled her nipple out from her baby’s mouth and hide her breast back under her clothing. Holding the child close to her, she began to cry. Khyber rose to his feet and looked down at them.

“There is a mystery about your body that really must be solved, no female infused with the power of the Kanon is capable of baring more then one child. Sekcubra is your third.”

“I can’t help what I am.”

“True, but you can move on from your feelings of Rhune accept this, Rhune killed the father of your first child and the child itself, he then killed your second his own son.”

Sche stood up still with the baby close to her heart and began to walk away from Khyber. Khyber merely shook his head, took to the air and landed just in front of Sche still beating his wings, hover a few inches off the ground.

“You can’t escape the truth.”

“Shut up, you don’t know anything, Alexei was evil itself as was his father, Venris died at the hands of Rhune’s evil conglomeration not Panzer, not the man I let inside of me. Don’t try and control my heart.”

The sky blackened and the clouds opened up with rain. Khyber folded his wings over Sche and Sekcubra to shield them as they walked back to Cureo. A very pregnant Celes greeted them at the above ground entrance.

“I was just coming out to join you.”

“Its not the weather to be out in your condition.” Khyber remarked as Sche emerged from his wings.

Sche ignored them both as walked past the elevator and took the stairs. They both stared at her for a moment before Khyber but an arm around Celes and guided her to the elevator.

“What’s wrong with Sche?”

“She doesn’t want to accept the truth ever since Sekcubra was born she sits out their and waits for Rhune to come for her.”

The elevator ride was silent and they reached the bottom in no time. Khyber waited for Celes to exit first then moved off in the opposite direction. Celes had become used to Khyber’s moodiness and did not bother to enquire what was wrong. Khyber once out of the sight of Celes moved quickly to the Cureo war room. Godkaiser, Rubeus, Coma, Tzero and Strobe were already there.

“You all sensed it too?” Khyber asked.

They all nodded as Khyber took his seat at the round Table. Tzero was behind his chair leaning on it with one hand as he used his free hand to emphasize every word he was saying.

“Someone needs to go out there and see if this is Rhune’s doing.”

“I still think we are all taking this a little too seriously its just a storm.” Rubeus remarked.

“If you believed that then you wouldn’t have come down here.” Coma added. “This is more then a storm I think Rhune may have finally answered Sche’s calls.”

They all looked around the table to gauge each other’s expressions to get a glimpse of what they were thinking. Apart from Rubeus’ half smirk, they all were serious. Tzero pressed a button on the table just in front of his seat. Nothing happened until he kicked a metal box next to his chair. A three dimensional hologram of Cureo and the surrounding area flickered for a moment before stabilizing and spinning slowly.

“This is the area I think we need to investigate.”

Tzero stopped the holographic map from spinning with a press of another button and zoomed in on an area of the map. Coma, Geiser and Strobe recognized the area Tzero was talking about instantly.

“That’s where Rhune’s sword was destroyed.” Strobe blurted.

“Exactly.” Tzero replied. “That’s why I want to go there and recover it and kill Rhune if he is there.”

“We had vowed not to go against Rhune unless he posed a direct threat to us.” Coma interrupted.

Tzero deactivated the map and took his seat. Rubeus took out one of his clan daggers and balanced it on his thumb. Whistling to himself, he tried to convey just how bored he was. Strobe slapped the knife away causing the blade the cut into Rubeus’ thumb. The knife slid across the table leaving a small trail of Rubeus’ blood. Before Rubeus could respond, Strobe snapped at him.

“If you’re not going to take this seriously at least be quiet.”

“Fine.” Rubeus hissed just before he briefly put his thumb in his mouth to stem the bleeding. “If you guys are so terrified of Rhune I’ll go out there and kill him if he is even still alive.”

“I’ll go with you.” Tzero added.

Rubeus rolled his eyes as he reached across the table to retrieve his dagger. He wiped off the blood spun it in his hand and replaced next to the others. Rubeus placed both hands on the table and pushed himself up from his chair.

“You’ve got a brat on the way Tzero, I think it unwise for you to come with me just in case Rhune is a little trigger happy.”

“You think you can handle Rhune on your own…”

“He’s Right.” Godkaiser interrupted. “Celes has almost reached full term your place is here, I’ll go to keep Rubeus inline.”

The winds picked up as Sekcubra and Bengalis pulled the jeep up at there intended destination. Where twenty years ago Rubeus and Godkaiser had gone before them. The grass around the area had withered away and the trees were dying. They climbed out of the jeep and looked around.

“Tell me why we are here again.” Bengalis muttered.

“Sche told me I could find my father here.”

“Didn’t Coma say two people came out here looking for your father and didn’t Coma back, and note they never came out here to find out what happened to them, that really should tell you your father can’t be all that nice.”

Sekcubra ignored him and began searching the area. There were signs that someone had been living there for some time. Bengalis became bolder and began to explore as well. In a matter of minutes they cam across the mummified remains of two men. Though exposed to the elements their bodies were perfectly intact expect for the massive sword wound in the center of their chests.

“This is pretty heavy, do you think these are the two guys?” Bengalis asked.

“Its not possible they would have died just recently the state of decay is almost non existent.”

“They died as soon as they set foot here.” A third voice bellowed.

Sekcubra and Bengalis spun round with their guns drawn. A cloaked figure stood before them and broken sword clutched in his hand. Rhune pulled back his hood to reveal a still youthful face his long grey hair had not been well kept and hung messily over his shoulders. The laser aimers on their guns focus on his chest the small red dots wavering over his heart.

“So you killed them huh?” Bengalis snapped.

“They came here to kill me so what choice did I have?” Rhune replied. “Now what business do you have here?”

“I came looking for my father.”

Rhune’s eyes widened as his mind travelled back to his last moments with Sche. He then narrowed his eyes and stared back at Sekcubra. He began to laugh, which made Sekcubra and Bengalis nervous. When they tightened their grip on the guns Rhune stopped laughing.

“If you are my son then you have no need for such a weapon.”

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“Let me show you.”

They both looked at Rhune confused when he raised his sword arm. Rhune paused for a second then launched his sword at Bengalis as his free hand went for Megalo’s Legacy. The sword knocked the gun from Bengalis’ hand as Rhune fired at Sekcubra. The devastating blast from Megalo’s Legacy ripped apart Sekcubra’s chest. His body flew through the air and slammed against at tree, his head slumped forward hanging over the great void that was once his chest.

“You son of a bitch.”

Still in shock Bengalis went for his gun before he could reach it Rhune came at him with a flying kick. Rhune’s foot connected with Bengalis’ left right shoulder, sending him to the ground. Rhune fell to his knees scooped up his sword and held it to Bengalis’ neck.

“Don’t be so hasty my young friend I haven’t killed him.”

Rhune hauled Bengalis onto his feet and pushed him towards the tree Sekcubra landed against. Bengalis’ mouth dropped as he watched Sekcubra regenerate. Sekcubra’s back arched as he recover consciousness, he screamed as he was thrust back into life.

“By Vensindal your will be done when four give life to one.” He roared as his body convulsed.

That one sentence sent chills done Rhune’s spine and for a brief moment, his face had a look of terror. Bengalis did not notice Rhune’s reaction as he went to check on his friend. Sekcubra rushed for breath took Bengalis’ hand and stood up. He beamed at Rhune with intense anger.

“Did you know that would happen?”

“I wasn’t entirely positive but it seemed worth a shot.”

Sekcubra examined himself, his clothes were in tatters but not even the slightest scar was left on his chest. Rhune replaced his sword and Megalo’s Legacy and pulled out his Khonshu clan dagger. He weighed it in his hand before tossing it over to Sekcubra.

“What’s this?”

“Something you might need in future, it took me a lot of effort to get back so use it wisely, by the way now that I have awakened your powers someone maybe coming after you.”

Sekcubra stared down at the weapon Rhune has just given him; the dagger seemed to have altered itself to fit perfectly in his hand. Sekcubra looked back up at Rhune who had pulled his hood over his head again and was beginning to walk away. Sekcubra called to him and he paused.

“Who will be coming after me?”

“I have no idea, although I’m sure its someone I’ve killed already so chances are he’ll show you little mercy.” Rhune resumed walking. “I suggest you go back where you came from and start training.”

“Aren’t you going to come with us?”

Rhune said nothing he just continued walking into the forest. Sekcubra and Bengalis picked up their guns and went after him. Rhune ignored them for a few meters before spinning around, again drawing Megalo’s Legacy.

“I said go back where you came from.”

“It seems pretty stupid us coming all this way and returning empty handed.” Bengalis replied. “I doubt they would believe we even found you.”

“If I went back with you I would no doubt reduce the rest of your band to those lifeless sacks of dried meat back there. They tried to kill me once they will try it again. You’re mother has kept you alive so far you don’t need me hanging around.”

Rhune focused the gun on Bengalis; Sekcubra got the hint and backed off. Rhune walked backwards a few steps and replaced the gun as he turned around. Sekcubra and Bengalis walked back to the jeep.

“Well did that answer any questions?” Bengalis asked.

“Dying does tend to open the mind.”

Rhune had paused to watch them drive away. With his mind, elsewhere he did not sense the third person moving swiftly up behind him. Only the sound of a sword being drawn got his attention. He spun round with his own sword drawn. The shattered weapon clashed with another broken sword. Rhune’s eyes locked onto an all to familiar pair of solid black eyes. The mere sight of the scar enraged him. Rhune delivered a savage punch to his stomach and went to kick away from him. His leg was caught by his hunched over attacker, who delivered a savage punch of his own. Rhune felt two of his ribs give way. The force sent him against a tree giving him enough leverage to kick away with his other leg. Rhune drew Megalo’s Legacy and fired once. His attacker effortlessly evaded it the blast the decimated the forest for about ten meters. He rolled onto his feet and stood to his full height.

“Not quite what you used to be are you Rhune?”

“You never were a match for me Achturis.”

“Achturis is long dead, I am Crinnon darkness absolute.”

Crinnon laughed while Rhune looked at him confused. Instantly he stopped laughing and threw a sphere of black light. Rhune fired the Legacy again striking the center of the sphere. The black light merely expanded with the blast and enveloped Rhune before fading from sight. Rhune fell to his knees stricken with pain. Crinnon laughed as he raised his sword.

“Nice try.” Rhune growled as he effortlessly stood up. “I survived the tainted waters of the Genesis Chamber a pathetic blast from you isn’t going to stop me.”

“That’s impossible you are meant to be powerless.”

“Why do you think I haven’t aged a single day in these past twenty years.”

Rhune pointed Megalo’s Legacy directly at Crinnon’s head. Crinnon dropped his sword and raised his arms above his head. Rhune raised and eyebrow as his finger tightened on the trigger.

“You needn’t kill me Rhune we have much to talk about.”

“No we don’t, I don’t you who you are but I know what you are, you are the darkness that is to be destroyed by Sekcubra, the new light born from the four powers.”

“Vendra taught you well didn’t he, he knew what I was all along. That’s why he sacrificed this Achturis to trap me in his body.”

Rhune was intrigued so much so he put his gun away. Crinnon lowered his arms and bent down to reach for his sword. Rhune waved a finger in protest. Crinnon straightened himself and folded his arms.

“As it turns out you never truly fought Achturis, his skills were fuelled by my powers. Even before Dekon tried to use the Genesis Chamber, in fact it was I who gave him this after Vajra left me depleted.” Crinnon ran a finger down the scar that went through his left eye. “Since that day whilst Achturis was still in control of himself he was never quite the same, then came the day when you finally killed him and set me free even if you did destroy my sword in the process.”

“Well Crinnon, why not explain why it is you waited so long to try and go after Sekcubra?”

“Killing him now would be a waste as his powers grow so do mine, however you are the wild card I would like to know just whose side you are on.”

A thin smile came across Rhune’s face as he went for his sword. Crinnon leapt back into a kneeling position and reached for his sword but missed. Rhune’s foot came down on the blade when he tried again and he swiftly kicked Crinnon in the face causing him to tumble backwards. Rhune picked up the second broken sword and spun both weapons, each in one hand.

“You attack me then demand to know which side I am on?”

“I thought it sensible, at first I thought you to be powerless but now its clear if we do have to fight each other we are most likely to kill each other.”

“I’ve seen nothing to prove that you have the power to destroy me.”

Crinnon suddenly levitated off the ground into a standing position. He folded his arms once more and shouted a silent word. Rhune’s muscles tensed involuntary. The blackness that seeped into his skin now ran out his mouth and eyes.

“My moment of weakness was merely so I could gain control of your body. Indeed you are strong Rhune but I will win out.”

Crinnon outstretched an arm, Rhune powerless to resist threw Crinnon his sword. Catching it in one hand Crinnon outstretched his other arm. Rhune growled but could not stop himself throwing his sword to Crinnon.

“Don’t try to fight it will hurt less.”

“Oh no I like the pain, its what fuels.”

Crinnon frowned as Rhune writhed in pain his body seemingly growing in size as he took on a more demonic form. Alarmed Crinnon threw the sword away and tried to regain control over Rhune. Rhune resisted Crinnon’ will and slowly trudged his way towards him.

“You’re quite strong Rhune but in the end you will submit!”

Rhune’s strength waned for an instant causing him to stumble but still he pressed forward. He reeled back and then sent a clawed hand into the center of Crinnon’s chest. With an explosive burst of energy from the newly formed wound Crinnon and Rhune were sent flying back in opposite directions. Crinnon writhed on the ground as a second form struggles to break free emerging as a black mass of energy. Stepping from the now healed Achturis; Crinnon’s true form became solid.

“At last I am free, however unexpected that was, I am restored!”

Crinnon raised his hands to the sky and laughed. Crinnon vanished as Rhune slowly recovered reverting back to his normal form. Achturis also recovered standing up he looked down at what remained of his armour.

“Lord Rhune what has happened here?”

“Let me guess you have little memory of what has happened since you got that scar?”

Achturis examined his face, his fingertips tracing over the ancient wound. He looked up at Rhune puzzled. Rhune looked away in disgust and frustration. Achturis still confused grabbed Rhune’s shoulder and turned him around.

“What happened to me?”

“More then you’ll ever care to know and more then I can be bothered explaining. However now that you are once again nothing more then my brother’s servant you will be most useful. Now to cut your babbling short everyone who you knew is dead now you’ll do as I say as we have much work to do.”