A bolt of lightning crashed to earth as Volís foot found its target. Tiberius barely crumpled with the blow but he was forced to stagger back two paces. He then resumed his full height awaiting Volís next strike. In his arrogance Vol tried the same attack again and to his folly Tiberius sidestepped and caught Volís foot in his right hand and drove the elbow of his left arm into the side of Volís knee. The outstretched limb broke in a sickening tear of flesh, which in turn gave enough force for Tiberius right fist to slam dead center in his face. Shaken and stunned Vol fell back collapsing under his own weight. Just before his head his the struck the filthy floorboards of the weather beaten shrine Tiberius caught him by the throat. Lifting him as far as his fully stretched arm would allow, he drew his sinister dagger from its home on the side of his hip. The gleaming edge of the horrific weapon caught and reflected what little light there was highlighting its devilish craftsmanship.

ďAnd now you die brave son Halas! Right where your accursed bloodline began!Ē

Tiberius spun the dagger in is hand before plunging the steel blade into Vol he pushed down on the handle cut through his ribs as he pulled back and with one swift but fierce the jagged weapon was ripped from Volís chest. Tiberius still held his quivering mass tightly by the throat even as the ocean of blood ran freely, tainting all in itís wake. Tiberius brought Vol to his face giving him a long blast of his hot breath. He ran his tongue across his teeth and smiled.

ďJust one final painful memory I wish to give you as you draw your last breath of life.Ē Tiberius paused for effect. ďThe child that grows within Artemis was planted by my seed!Ē

As his words hit home Vol summoned the last of his strength and tried to claw the bare skin of Tiberiusí torso. His grayish skin was cold to the touch and Vol succeeded in nothing more then creating a few welts. Tiberius laughed a solitary note before crushing Volís neck in his hand. The sound of his vertebrate popping sent a tingle down Tiberiusí spine. All the emotion drained from his face as all signs of life faded from Volís. Only a small tear that rolled from the corner of Volís left eye gave him pause.

ďSo sentimental even in death, what Morpheus even saw in you is a mystery to me.Ē

With his rage depleted he allowed Volís body to slip through his fingers and land in a crumpled heap at his feet. His demeanor changed as he wiped the blood and gore from his dagger and replaced in itís sheath. Tiberius then focused his attention on straightening his leather gloves before walking away from the twisted pile flesh.