The hallway seemed endless he had no choice but to run. He saw the red line of the laser sight in the corner of his eye refracted in the mist that had filled the building as another bullet took out a window. The explosive tip sent glass in every direction. Caspian shielded his face sacrificing his forearm to the tiny shards of razor sharp glass. The force of the blast caused him to stagger. His hand sent to balance him found a light switch on the wall. The lights flashed on for a brief moment before more bullets sought each of them out. Only the lights behind Caspian’s attacker remained giving him and eerie glow. He paused for a moment releasing the spent clip from his gun; the metal cartridge bounced a few centimetres off the ground as he locked a fresh clip into place.

Caspian tried to run but this time a bullet tore apart his right calf muscle. He cried out in pain as he stumbled forward crashing down on his knees. His attacker altered his pace walking slower then before pausing occasionally to allow Caspian to put some distance between them. The door would soon be in reach but Caspian knew that he his attacker would not allow him to escape.

He gave up struggling to escape and rolled over onto his back. His attacker stopped in his tracks and gave a thin smile although the red lenses of his goggles hid his true emotions. Caspian reached inside his jacket, his attacker not worried in the slightest that he may be drawing a weapon. The red dot of the laser aimer found its way to the center of Caspian’s forehead as he produced the small collection of ancient writings. His attacker took long strides to stand before him and take the sacred pages from him.

“How many did you kill just to get those back?” Caspian spat.

“The same number of lives you were willing to sacrifice by stealing from us.”

A quick flick from his thumb the red dot from the laser aimer vanished and the gun hidden inside his trench coat. Caspian tried to get up but found himself forced down again by a single boot.

“You can’t stop us forever Essex will find a way to kill you all.”

“Thank you for the name, that just saved you from many hours of pain.”

“So you’re just going to kill me and be done with it?”

He twisted his heel on Caspian’s chest. Caspian winced at the sound of the wet crack as two of his ribs give way. His attacker produced a radio and looked away from Caspian as he spoke.

“I have the pages our work is done here.”

Caspian managed to hear the reply although garbled by static and by the slurred voice of the person on the other end. He gave as sigh of relief when his attacker lifted his foot from his chest.

“The status of the antagonists?”

“One survivor, light wounds.”

The radio returned to the trench coat. Caspian rolled onto his side nursing his injuries. Caspian gripped by his hair had his head lifted off the ground. His attacker leaned over and stared into his eyes through his red goggles.

“I am Pin, this city will come to know my name and fear it. You will live long enough to start the spread of terror.”

“All this just so you could make a name for yourself.”

“You pathetic mortals could never understand what is at work here. You are hampered by your own pointless existence. The persecuted become the persecutors; the cycle of violence within your own kind is endless, yet you seek to condemn us for our actions. We are superior to you in every way, every sense of the word. Good, evil both are meaningless all that matters is survival. If our survival comes at the expense of maggots such as your self then so be it. You hide behind your holy scriptures yet the Kanon holds the truth, born long before your false gods it shall live on long after your faith and that of your brethren has crumbled to dust.”

Pin averted his eyes from the crumpled form that lay at his feet. He stared down at the aged pages he held in his hand. He hesitated for a moment then folded them loosely and hid them away in his trench coat. Pin stepped over the fallen human and moved towards the door.

“Our network is flawless you must be a newborn other wise we would have known about you as you would have come after us before this. You’re nothing but a scared angry child!”

With those words Pin stopped in his tracks. He slowly turned around to face Caspian again and as he did so he removed the red goggles. They locked eye to eye for the first time. Pin’s cold stare sent shivers down his spine.

“Be content with the knowledge that you are the first man this angry child allowed to live.”