All that is, all that ever was. From the meakest of mortals to the gods above, become power flowing through the veins of the chosen. Foucsed and unified through destruction so that new life can be forged.


Beyond flesh there lies true power. Reborn and renewed the chosen will heal the realm of the mortal born. Fading the scars of time through the birth of the saviour.


A curse to the mortal but a gift to the eternal.The chosen must die, a sacrifce of blood so that life may be restored. Dying out of sacrifice is the only way to truly become immortal.


The price that must be paid for salvation. The chosen was born to their life so that others may live and a new generation be born. The first and final breaths shall ring in a new age.


You know you're scared! So very very scared.

Kubra to Kubra: The Chosen of Talk Shows