Pin vs Caspian - Pin's first mission prior to him being sent to the city of Caryna. After this incident the Essex side story dominates proceedings for a while and even scores a rare appearance from Rekulos.

Ratunga Returns - Still not taking an overly active role in events Ratunga's re-appearance was designed so Xangcris would have to explain his odd behaviour to a degree anyway.

Ghost - The engineered lifeforms from Primus to Quin along with Laurence and Fare appeared in short stories I had written in 1988. Including the battle at the tower, a full 5 years before I started Sekcubra.

Rhune vs Rekulos - Rhune bites off more then he can chew in Rekulos' second appearance. This also marks the first time Achturis gets involved directly in order to keep Rhune alive.(If this file works I will be amazed for this marks the thirs time Angelfire has needlessly deleted the text after about the third line. Please don't not send any further emails as there is nothing I can do about this.)

Tiberius vs Vol - After Vol learns the truth about Phoenix and thusly all of Xangcris' warriors Tiberius is sent to silence him. Although his name wasn't mentioned this was the first reference to Sibel's true origins.

Sekcubra - His first appearance also marked the return of Crinnon. From this point on no new characters were introduced. All those who were not present at the restortaion of the Genesis Chamber but had survived thus far were forced to face off against Rhune and the restored Achturis