Author Notes: I had plans to make this bigger then it was but as I am just the writer I can come up with impossible ideas that others have to put together. Also I think we were both mislead as to what was actually required from this project and we found ourselves needlessly constrained. At least we had fun with making ARIC.

Artist Notes: Ahhhh, the ‘Desolation’ project. I must admit I had a heap of fun creating this and learned an amazing amount about animation. It started out with plans for a big epic feature, then it dwindled down, but in the end it came up not too bad, I guess. This also spawned an idea for a ‘B-CD’ project which is why we started this really, and also I needed it for an assignment topic, so we killed two birds with one stone so to speak. Either way hope people like it, but even if they don’t, it was valuable experience and I think we had fun doing it, which for me was the main thing!

This animation represents 3 pages of a 120 page script

Sekcubra: Desolation