The enigma of life was never meant to have been. There was only light and darkness. Through oversight pawns were created to fight on the battle field that came to be known as the Chaosphere. Through countless wars the need for new life, new warriors emerged. Thus the eternal struggle began. From beings with powers beyond the godlings to the mortals that walk the plains one power will emerge to end the chaos. Unified powers of life, death, blood and sacrifice will give rise to...

When evil wells in a man's heart the devil will soon follow. No matter what form evil takes it will consume all. Corruption
and greed cloud the mind. As the power surges they become blind to the truth then comes the hate for all. Cursed with eternal life the passage of time destroys the minds of the most noble of beings as they slip into the dark pits of chaos.

They strike without fear

They strike without thought

They strike without remorse

By simple twists of fate the good intentions of the few turn to evil by the hands of the many

They hunt

They fight

They kill

The man sheds no tears for the insect he crushes beneath his heel. Thus they feel no pity as humanity bleeds before them

The nightmare only begins when your dreams are over