Blood Wraith Clogo Coma Elkinrod Minion Nemx Pin Roteus Sche Tiberius Vermin Xangcris

"The persecuted become the persecutors; the cycle of violence within your own kind is endless, yet you seek to condemn us for our actions. We are superior to you in every way, every sense of the word. Good, evil both are meaningless all that matters is survival. If our survival comes at the expense of maggots such as your self then so be it. You hide behind your holy scriptures yet the Kanon holds the truth, born long before your false gods it shall live on long after your faith and that of your brethren has crumbled to dust." Pin, Path of Kanon

"You were born into this world as tainted as all those before you. You shall die like the rest. Washed away in a cleansing wave of fire. I will purify this realm and not even a memory of this chaos will remain. Flesh will rot, metal will rust and all knowledge will be lost." Xangcris, Legacy of Kanon

"Born without a motherís love, free from our fatherís control is there any doubt in your mind that we are truly the most dangerous creatures alive. If we were truly born of women would we not be nurturing and compassionate? I know from where my blood was forged and it was from a heart far darker then any women could ever be. Life is not sacred its sole purpose is to wither and die and those few born outside the cycle of life are destined to hasten itís demise." Rhune, Last Horizon

ďThe mere act of living is a torturous existence. My goal and that of my brethren is to ease the suffering of those cursed to live upon this mortal plain. If to complete this sacred task we must sacrifice ourselves and thus continue to draw breath then so be it, for we are the Mercy Killers.Ē Tzero, Clans of Kanon