Origins: Xangcris was the fifth and final son of Odyseus. Eager to prove himself he was the only one of Odyseus' children to confront Dekon directly while the other worked in the shadows.

Author Notes: Though extreme in his methods I felt Xangcris was never really evil. His 'evil' acts come from his sometimes fanatical loyalty to his father and Rhune and to a lesser degree his four minions. With Pin like presence, Xangcris was pivitol to Rhune's character development. In the end it was his love for one of the godlings that that forced him to decide whether to side with his brother or his father.

Artist Notes: Once again, Xangcris was adequately described for me to create a sketch from. I had trouble with the armour design. I came up with a few alternatives before deciding on the final for the sketch.

Head - Front 3/4 and Side
Head - Font and 3/4
Front View
Side View
Back View
3/4 Front
3/4 Back