Origins: One Vensindal's few successful geneticly engineered soldiers. He along with Pin were designed for the sole purpose of killing Morpheus. Wraith's DNA was also combined with Pin's to create the super soldier Gigra.

Author Notes: Needing a dynamic opposite to Pin, I created a muscle bound savage power house to go with my stealthy sniper. Both he and Pin had very traumatic development. Being the next generation of warriors you could almost call them the step children of Halas. Once Pin was finally dead and buried Blood Wraith came into his own and developed more of an evil streak.

Artist Notes: Blood Wraith With this character, I was thinking of a brooding hulk of muscle. I could not help seeing Blanka so I based some of the design on him, making him more streamline and agile, especially for battle.

Blood Wraith negative

Blood Wraith
Blood Wraith and Pin