Origins: Morpheus' first attempt to counter Vensindal's bio soldiers. A far cry for the savage fury of Blood Wraith, Vermin stole a sample of Coma's enzyme to bolster his strength. While it gave him an edge for a short while it ended up destroying his nervo system, leaving him crippled.

Author Notes: Having already created such powerhouses as Godkaiser and Scavenger I wanted to show that not every genetic experiment was successful. Much like Pin was used to counter Seeker, Vermin was used to counter Blood Wraith. After the epic battle bewteen him and Wraith, after Vermin had taken Coma's enzyme, Vermin was just killed in passing by Odessa.

Artist Notes: Basically, Vermin is based of a rat-like creature similar to Splinter from TMNT, but more evil and twisted. He was combined from a photo and rat references and a small amount of improvisation.

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