Origins: One of four warriors created by Xangcris as the final line of defense for the Genesis Chamber. As a tribute to his elder brother, Xangcris made Tiberius in Ratunga's image as well as his own.

Author Notes: Tiberius was much like Ratunga, he maybe on your side byt he has his own way to get the job done. Upon reflection Tiberius' relationship with Achtuirs was very similar to the one between Ratunga's and Xangcris. Loyal to their masters but still at each other's throats. Also his death was somewhat uninspiring as he became just another person in the way of Morpheus.

Artist Notes: Tiberius was also pretty much fleshed out for me, because he was basically a wall of muscle with Long Grey hair. So thatís what I drew. I then scanned him in and coloured him in Photoshop. It was the first character with any digital work done to it.