Origins: Sche Maljunir was the first person Vensindal recruited into Halas. She became the lover of Morpheus and later Rhune. She was the mother of Alexei (by Morpheus) and Venris (by Rhune) as well as Sekcubra.

Author Notes: Sche's motivations were never really explained which made many people comment that she was nothing more then a baby machine. Mind you as she did give birth to more then another women I suppose the comment is somewhat justified. Love her or hate her she was always the perfect counter part to Rhune. She is also the only character who got a last name

Artist Notes: From the beginning, I always pictured Sche with short, shoulder length hair, I donít know why. I attempted to make her attractive, but also strong and independent, because thatís the type of person I felt she came across as in the book.

Sche face full size
Character Rotation
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