Origins: A young field soldier recruited around the same time a Panzer. Calculating and efficient he was entrusted with many top prioirty assignments. He crippled Raizure to prove his loyalty to Morpheus.

Author Notes: Roteus was introduced as Panzer's partner. For a while I used him to show the darker side of Panzer's personality. He was also a good plot device for when Panzer had bitten off more then he could chew.

Artist Notes: Roteus` physical appearance was inspired from Bateau from Ghost in the Shell. We had a fair amount of other designs for him, but we could not find one that suited this character. Then I did a quick sketch from some old anime stuff and we seemed to think that design was the one that fit him the best. Roteus is more of the brains behind this 2-man team, the other being Coma.

Front View
Side View
Back View
3/4 Front
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