Author Notes: The first incarnation of Rhune I created was the one that would come to be known as Panzer Rhune. His original role was the cliched rebel on a motorcycle playing by his own rules. Thankfully I changed my mind and gave him far more depth so much so he took over the spotlight from Haladin. I still think its pretty amazing that the whole back bone of of this storyline was more or less created by accident.

Artist Notes: When I read about Rhune, I immediately thought of a very quiet but foreboding man whose actions speak louder than his words. With his sword, I attempted to create a design where it is reasonably simple but effective enough to look important.

The many faces of Rhune...

Rhune - The fourth son of Odyseus. Far more ruthless and powerful then his other brothers save Dekon himself. Knowing Dekon would sense the actions of any of his brothers, Rhune devised a ploy that involved his spirit to be shattered sending tiny shards of himself to become independant beings, each capable of devloping the power of the original. It was hoped that Dekon would be unable to stop all of the incarnates and one would evenutally be able to strike him down. The scheme failed as Dekon had slain any Rhune incarnate that reached a level of power to be a significant threat. Xangcris became obsessed with restoring his brother, he twisted and turned events to try and ensure one incarnate would reach his full potential. Vendra knowing neither Dekon or Odyseus could be trusted prepared for the day his brother would be restored knowing full well that only he could stop both Odyseus and Dekon.

Rhune Incarnate Bridgette - The women believed to be the mother of the Blood Child according to the inacurtae translations of the Kanon became a Rhune incarnate after Panzer Rhune was forced to sub-divide after a grueling battle with Phoenix.

Rhune Incarnate Endura - The sworn body guard of Vendra's alter ego Vensindal. When his powers began to exceed all those within Halas, Phoenix (then under the partial control of Dekon) lead him into a trap in the hope that he would be able to obtain the power of the Rhune enigma. The plan failed and although Endura died, he passed on his powers to Troy.

Rhune Incarnate Kahn - During a battle with Godkaiser a young Panzer Rhune was forced to sub-divide his power to this fellow Halas Templar.

Rhune Incarnate Panzer - The third Halas Rhune. It was this incarnate that discovered the ability to sub-divide the Rhune Enigma. With this ability whenever his body began to feel the ill affects of over use of his powers, he could pass on part of the enigma to another. Thus granting them the power of the Rhune enigma as well as making him more powerful as body learned to adapt to greater uses of the power. So aplified was this new found strength Panzer become the dominant personality and form of Rhune in his future unified forms.

Rhune Incarnate Rhune Daughter of Panzer - The offspring of two Rhune incarnates, believed to be the re-incarnation of the Blood Child according to the inaccurate translations of the Kanon. More powerful then her father Panzer Rhune, she sacrifced herself inorder to save the Genesis Chamber and restore the war torn planet as the Kanon foretold but this did not give rise to Sekcubra. It was later discovered she had given birth in secret to an incarnate named Uriah.

Rhune Incarnate Saba - One of the first incarnates to show any real potential. Xangcris managed to save him from Dekon only to have him killed by a power hungry Panzer Rhune who by now was obsessed with being complete once more.

Rhune Incarnate Setsuna - A Rhune incarnate found and trained by Xangcris inorder to fight Panzer Rhune so that Panzer would become stronger. A distortion in reality caused by a desperate Dekon was believed to have destroyed Setsuna. However many years later Setsuna reappeared, his mind twisted because of Dekon's manipulation he was intent on killing Panzer.

Rhune Incarnate Sibel - When Panzer was forced to sub-divide his powers with Artemis the Rhune enigma was not passed to her but to her unborn child. When Rhune returned and absorbed the power of the Genesis Chamber he learnt the truth about Sibel who by then was the last incarnate. Sibel became the target of Rhune's tireless vendetta to become whole again.

Rhune Incarnate Troy - The second Halas Rhune. Unable to control the the power of Endura fully, his body was ravaged by an unrelenting fever that only grew each time he used his powers. In a battle Dekon's son Demeter Troy pushed himself to far but before his death he succeeded in passing on his power to Panzer.

Rhune Incarnate Uriah - With the Chaosphere partially restored due to the sacrifice of his mother Uriah formed a small band of resistance (mainly comprised of Vensindal's less successful genetically engineered soldiers) to hunt down the last of the 'evil' that survived. Xangcris used the young warrior's actions to his advanatge which enabled him to resurrect Panzer Rhune. Although in the body of Panzer, Rhune's far darker self began to show through. He killed Uriah inorder to regain control of his sword.

Rhune Incarnate Venris - The son of Panzer and Sche. Driven to destroy his father at the time he believed it to be for revenge when it was a subconscious desire to be the sole being in control of the Rhune enigma. However when Rhune was almsot fully restored he returned to claim his sword once more and in the process Venris and Ratunga were slain. Leaving Sibel as the only living member of Rhune's bloodline.

Rhune Incarnate Xantle - When Xangcris feared his greatest chance at restoring his brother (Panzer Rhune) had died, Xantle was trained to take his place. However when Panzer returned very much alive he and Xantle becmae bitter rivals which ultimately resulted in Xantle's death.