Origins: Designed to be the perfect sniper and marksman created to assassinate Morpheus. Pin was forever changed when Phoenix bombarded him with a toxic reagent. Thus he is no longer able breath without the aid of his mask and unable to speak.

Author Notes: Pin was only going to be a minor character but much like Rhune he seemed to just dominate any scene he was in. Of all the characters Pin just seemed to have more horrifc stuff happen to him which was pretty much used to give him an edge. Although he was never the most formidable character I have created, he was one of the most intimidating. Breifly restored from his disfigured state Pin seemed to lose his appeal and was done away with.

Artist Notes: Ah Pin. I really like Pin, because his actions speak louder than words. He gets the job done without any complaints. The Pin sketch was relatively simple because the description was already quite detailed, all I had to do was replicate it.

Pin Negative

Pin and Blood Wraith
Pin full size
Better scanned body shot

Movie costume design prototype

Low angle no mask
Mid shot no mask
Close up no mask