Origins: A high ranking soldier in Morpheus' army. Imprisioned outside of reality for more then a decade Minion learned the truth of his own existance as well as those he had fought along side and against.

Author Notes: Minion was mainly a thug before he got his awareness, then he became a more underhanded and schemeing character. Although he lost his power struggle with Coma, Minion still served as a loyal Lt to Morpheus. I had contimplated bringing Minion back but I thought Coma was the better choice as his character could be more easily reasoned with.

Artist Notes: No matter what I did, all I could picture Minion as was a giant hulking mass of power. A pure killing machine whose main purpose was to rip people in half. I drew in the mask to add an element of remorselessness to him.

Minion BW