Which Sekcubra character are you?

What do you cry out before you leap into battle?
Can't talk too busy trying to breathe
"So be it!"
You just roar at the top of your lungs
Whatever orders suit the current situation
"You are no match for me"
"I tire of your existence!"
You just spit out the blood of your last victim

What is your best asset?
My sword
My breasts
My voice
My eyes
My teeth and claws
My hands
My brains and brawn

How did you recieve your powers?
Genetic engineering and a thirst for blood
It was a natural mutation
Genetic engineering and an acid bath
They were passed onto me
I am the son of the guy who created the guy who created the gods
My body was enhanced by science
I draw my strength straight from the chaos

Most impressive feat
I can shred people just by talking
I can withstand 16 blasts from a shotgun at point blank range
I was there at the beginning and I survived long after the battle was over
I created my own private army right under my master's nose
I never miss no matter what the weapon
I gave birth to the saviour of the planet
I pieced my soul back together by killing every member of my bloodline

Your prefered side kick would be?
The muscle bound freak that likes eating people
I have no side kicks just minions
The annoying guy who looks like that other guy
The quiet guy with the gun
I prefer to work alone as any sidekcik tries to usurp my position
I work alone but sometimes I'll bring a family member along
The local muscle

Your favourite attire
A jump suit with plenty of places to hang weapons
A modified version of whatever my current boss is wearing
I can never find a shirt that can contain my muscle mass.
My grey slacks and my boots
A suit of armour forged by my father
A trenchcoat and a life support machine
Normal street clothes with some body armour

Favourite mode of transport
A gunship
I move faster on foot
Stolen Motorcycle
I usually hitch a ride with my creator, saves me the trouble
I can teleport at will
I just meld with the shadows
I'll hitch a ride on anything all that matters is that I reach my target

What best describes your personality
An undying thirst for blood and pain
You don't waste your time with words you speak through action
I'm a time bomb but I can control my rage
Unquestionable loyalty to your family
I look out for number one
Despite my vast power I have a huge inferiority complex
A constant emptiness and a drive to be whole once more

If you were going to die how would you exit this world
Become on the of realms eternal guardians and spend all eternity swimming naked in the waters of life
Have my heart ripped out by a would be god and watch it being eaten right before I die
Use my lifeforce to undo some of the destruction I had caused to the planet
Surrender my powers to another so that he may overcome that which would destroy you both
While gloating I get back stabbed by my uncle who is also on a power trip
Burning myself out hunting down one last victim after having sworn revenge
Slaughtered in the final battle against the ultimate evil