Origins: As one of Morpheus' original soldiers Coma was one of the first to exhibit unique mutations. The primary of those was his naturally occuring enzyme which acted like a suped up steroid which allowed him to do fanatical feats of strength and the other was the shadowmeld which allowed him to tarvel through darkness over limited distances.

Author Notes: Despite his enourmous size and strength Coma was a more stealhy fighter in both his powers and his mindset. In order to avoid the obvious 'Why not have everyone else use Coma's enzyme?' I made it quite clear that it was highly toxic to anyone other then Coma. Also I should mention Coma is NOT bald.

Artist Notes: Just a goon we threw in for the movie to get slaughtered. He was supposed to have hair, but meh, it panned out this way instead. He is pretty much your stock standard goon, The more bulkier of the two, he is the brawn of the 2-man team, the other being Roteus.

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