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1. Orwell's decision to shoot the elphant was a pathetic act of pride alone, performed in front of people who he didn't even like.

2. Orwell seems like a man who just wants to make a profit on everything and only wants to control. That is how he feels about the Burmese, he feels he has to have control over him, plus they mistreat him.

4. Imperialism is truly a very superficial and shallow way of life.

6. The description of the elephant's death is very gruesome and climactic. It created a very nasty scene that made a person not only unhappy with seeing the elephant's death, but with Orwell as well.

7. Orwell is like a cop in that he has to put up with people he dislikes in the name of peace and he has to make many decisions in a split second. He is unlike a contemporary police officer in that he truly is out for his own profit.

A. Orwell is asked to solve the problem with the elephant being on the loose.

B. The crowd following Orwell is at least two thousand people large, and it continues to grow. Orwell thinsk the people are only following him because he seems to be interesting at the moment.

C. The two reasons that Orwell didn't want to shoot the elephantis because he doesn't want to hurt n innocent creature and he thought the elephant would be worth more alive than dead.

D. When the elephant gets shot, it tightens up in shock and then after being shot a second time he lays down and takes half and hour to die after all the shots.