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Here are the many pictures of my precious Aaron. From long hair, to sideburns, and everything in between ^^
Aaron with long blonde hair

The lighting is dim, so this picture doesn't do him as much justice as it should. He looks really good with long hair (of course he looks good any way you look at it, or at least to me)

There's an other long hair pic. He's laughing at something goofy I just said.
Aaron with Semi Long Hair

My mom thinks he looks like a rockstar.

Oh look at that smile! And those muscles!
Aaron when he had sideburns, the one picture I have of him with sideburns.

Big smile!
Modern Day Aaron: Short hair, clean shaven.

Aaron looking up. Something got his attention, and he looks SOOOO cute!

This is my favorite pic of him. No photo effects, this is just how the picture came out by accident when the camera took it.

Two pics of me.

And I hope everybody enjoyed them ^^