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After watching the new "Battlestar Galactica" miniseries on Scifi, I got a idea in early January to create a adventure game based on the original 1978 "Galactica" series. The mythological and Ancient Astronaut themes of the original series have always intrigued me, so I decided to base my game around the quest to find Earth. Since the program I am using to create the game,
Adventure Game Studio
, doesn't really lend itself to building action shoot-em-ups, I decided to have the Cylons and laser battles take a backseat to creating a interesting quest adventure that would (hopefully) take the player on a diverse journey to strange locals and encounters with interesting characters.

This is, of course, a completely unofficial fan-produced game, done for fun, not profit. The use of images from the original show is completely unauthorized, but I decided to use them anyway 'cause I'm just doing this for my own enjoyment. ;-) The actual ships and sounds add authenticity to game play and any fan of the show ought to love and appreciate their inclusion.

After about a week of preliminary preparation, learning to use the program, creating backgrounds, adapting gifs and searching for game resources, I realized that this was no easy task I had taken upon myself, and that in order to do this game right, it would have to involve a commitment of time and work.

This diary will chronicle the tale of creating "Quest For The Gods". The bridge background was the first one created, followed by the hanger, and then Adama's office, all created between January 17 and 22. The Adama and Tigh sprites was created on January 19th. Various minor tinkerings and experimentation followed on the 23rd...


Added the viper "helmet" object and scripted it to trigger the viper launch sequence.

Current "room" list:
bridge (hand-drawn in Paint, based on a CGI rendering)
office (hand-drawn in Paint)
hanger (hand-drawn in Paint with photo gif of Viper)
hall (hand-drawn in paint)
launch tube (photo gif altered slightly in Paint)

Characters created so far:
Starbuck (player)

Inventory items created so far:
viper helmet
Adama's medallion (not currently set into gameplay)

changed the characters speech colors so each character's words will appear in a different color when they "speak".

Using a gif of the viper, Paintbrush, and Flash, I created two animations that make up the "Viper launch" animation. Also merged a WAV of the sound of a actual launch from the show and a looped wave of a jet to use as background effect for this animation.

Converted an avi of the show's opening sequence to flc file format, and added the game title to it. this will serve as my opening animation for the game. Unfortunately I'm having to use a midi of the theme music to play in the background. I need to find a way around this...

After researching the room details in the series episode "Fire In Space" I created the "rejuvenation room" background and room. This is where Starbuck will find Athena and Boxy.

The "Music" feature in AGS doesn't allow for wavs to be played behind the animations (only midi or mp3), but the "Sound" feature does (This is normally used for sound effects). I'm going to try setting up the "real" theme music as a sfx to play behind the opening flc.

created the viper "autonav" interface. Once the player's "Viper" has launched, this screen will give the player a choice of which ship in the fleet to visit and in what order.

Thinking about having Starbuck encounter Apollo in the hall...

It worked! Substituting the "play sound" command for the "play music" command causes the fully-orchestrated theme wav to play with the titles flc and sync-up perfectly! :)

The game is already too big to be practical for download. It's up to 38 MB! If I ever want anyone on the web to actually SEE my game, I may have to try and produce a pared-down version once the full version is complete.

Created and posted a game development diary website.

Replaces the viper gif in the hanger bay with a bitmap of the same image, traced. Looks much better! Thanks to Darth on the AGS forum for the suggestion! :-)

Made some animations of the viper approaching various ships in the fleet and converted them to flc files.

Added Muffet the Dagget to the Rejuvenation Center background.

.  (88KB zip file containing (2)  animations. Requires Flash 4 Player.)

Added my own thread
announcing the game at the AGS forum.

Drew one of two planned backgrounds for the interior of the Geminon Freighter. I drew it initially in Paint, then transferred it to Paint Shop Pro to add lighting effects. I really like the effects I'm able to achieve in this program with directional illumination and hue/saturation control.

refined the title cards and opening titles flic.

Spent most of my time today working out the plot and story points for QFTG. This involved figuring out what NPCs I needed, how many more backgrounds for rooms, and deciding what actions would be scoreing actions and how many points for each. A LOT of work yet to do! I need to make at least ten more backgrounds, sprites for aproximately twenty-five NPC sprites (some with several views each), and modified versions of four rooms already done for revisits. All this doesn't count several planet surface "rooms" I intend to have that will be addaptions of backgrounds from the Insta-Game pak at

Galactica bridge

Adama's office

rejuvenation room

viper hanger

screen capture from Flash cutscene