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A Thanksgiving Theater Play Script
based on History but not an Actual Event

Offered free for performing.

The Eagle or the Turkey?

lines by Robert Ummel 2004

NARRATOR: It all begins way back then,
The eighteenth century,
When our young nation,
Had an obligation,
A responsibility,
To the utmost degree;
Whose face would be printed,
On the money that was minted?
Would it be
The eagle or the turkey?

JEFFERSON: The floor, Mr. Franklin.

FRANKLIN: Thank you, Mr. Jefferson.

NARRATOR: The elder statesman took the stand,
He smiled at the Virginian,
And thus the debate began;

FRANKLIN: My dear Mr. Jefferson,
What will it take,
To make you understand?
That this respectable bird,
Is truly a native American;
A ground feeder,
Who roams the woodland,
Neat and fat,
He does not waver,
He does not wobble;
He picks and scratches,
And yes, he gobbles;
A gentle fowl, I would say,
And not a broadwinged bird of prey;
And I, sir, shall defend,
Until, my very end,
That symbol, that shall stand,
In every corner of this land,
From sea to shining sea;
Itís not the eagle, my dear Jefferson,
But the turkey;
You have the floor, Mr. Jefferson.

JEFFERSON: Thank you Mr. Franklin,
This is a time, in our young nation,
When are spirits soar with obligation, or speculation?
We must rise above the mountains high,
This is where the eagles fly;
This emblem, this symbol that we seek,
Must be powerful and strong,
Not cowardly and weak;
My reply, Mr. Franklin,
Is very forthright and able,
The turkey is a game bird,
Letís keep him on the table.


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