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Welcome to NJOFP!!!


Welcome to my tribute to the Star Wars Universe!

Hey people!! Here it is. One of the top Star Wars sites in the TopSites ranks at Coolsurfin. Well, heres where you can find the ultimate homage to the greatest film and book series of all time, with the focus on the New Jedi Order book series!
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Latest News!!

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08/12/02: Updates. The image host is back at mdcplus. I got CSC gold! We hit 6k! The Gallery has been changed a lot, with the book covers and official character pics getting separate pages. Also the Members page has been updated with pics of me and Ryan. The books page has had the Force Heretic I: Remnant cover art added, thanks 3j for pointing it out to me on Jeedainet, and lol @ ryan who sent it just as i was updating the page.

08/02/02: Traitor is out this week...and I still don't have it. Grrr. On site notes, we have just gained an affiliate,The Star Wars Database.

07/27/02: The Fics page has been added to. My thanks go to LizzieDiagon and Jaded Demoness for their excellent pieces which have now joined the other fics. Also, we reached 75 members this week, and a total change in admin came about. Now there is the Inner Circle in place to provide democracy in the forum.

07/21/02: BIG UPDATES ON NJOFPD!!!! Loads of the characters now have bios for them, and also there are some new characters added!

07/21/02: Links page is updated fully, as is the Affiliates Page. Check out the new links that are added! Also, there's some more stuff being added to NJOFPD as I am writing this, with some new bios and stats being added. I'm still looking for writers people so come on and help!

07/20/02: Ok,Murfnet, Jaina and are now NJOFP affiliates. Also, Adam (gadders) has let NJOFP share chat so get on there and meet some new SW fans! Also, I repaired the broken links on the NJOFPD that ryan alerted me to...thanks bud! Also...did anyone else notice that we hit 5K?? :D :D

07/16/02: New updates: NJOCD has now become the New Jedi Order FanPage Database (NJOFPD) as it now includes planets. Soon there will be tech and weapons added. I have put the webring thing back on the index page. Also there is an interview with Hayden Christensen on the Interviews page. There have been major revamps of the NJOFPD, with the place less cluttered. More character bios are up and there should be a lot more coming soon.

07/04/02: Happy Independence Day to all you Americans out there! Ok theres been a lot of changes recently, with Spike leaving his admin postion and setting up spike forums, the link of which i am putting up in the Links page. Also, the Schedule and Excerpts pages have been added to and fully updated. I guess the main news this month is that the site has had a major revamp, with new buttons and layout...goodbye evil frames! More will be added soon. Im also looking at the NJOCD and updating that so take a look and see what u think. Im looking for WRITERS for the CD and it would be great if you could help out... email me if you want to write for the site or NJOCD, cos i need writers.

06/15/02: Ok, new pics are up from the EG to characters. Thanks Ryan! Also, theres some changes in the layout, and also a new guestbook coming up. Theres a few updates to the NJOCD as well. So enjoy!

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