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Welcome to NJOFP!!!



Here's my favourite SW sites. Check them out!

Ok, here's where my recommended Star Wars sites are. If you havent been to one before, well what are you waiting for? The Affiliates of NJOFP are also down there, as well as being on the affiliates page. Remember that if u want to become an affiliate, let me or one of the team know!!

General Star Wars:

The Official Star Wars site
Jedinet (also affectionately known as Jeedai Net.)
The NJOFP Database
The Private Universe
The Star Wars Alliance
The Star Wars Biography Website

NJO Specific

The Unofficial New Jedi Order Homepage (UNJOH)
The New Jedi Order Encyclopaedia
Sith Lady's NJO Site
NJO Force Generations Site

Forums to visit:

NJOFP Forums
"The Dozen" Forums Jedi Council Forums
Event Horizon Forums
Shattered Knight Forums (SKF)
TPU Forums (The Cantina)
Top Forums of the Month (TFOTM) Contest
Wild Karrde Forums
UNJOH forums
New Horizons Forums
SW Tales
NJOF Forums *boo* (j/k)
Council of the Force
The old NJOFP Forums..
Defender Wing Squadrons
Spike Forums
The Force Factor
Jedinet Forums
Kashyyyk, Homeplanet of Bobbacca Forums
A Light in the Darkness
NJO Infinities
May the Force be with you
SKF Pics
The Daily Post
The Gungan Council
The Coruscant Underworld
Realms of Antiquity

Affiliated Sites

Sith Lady's NJO Site
The Private Universe
TPU Forums
New Horizons Forums
The Star Wars Alliance
Spike Forums
Realms of Antiquity (Murf's forum) Forums