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Welcome to NJOFP!!!


Galactic Gallery

Check out the Star Wars fans' contributions!!

If you want to send stuff in, email them to me, with any captions that u want me to add. Click on the pics to see a full size version.

This particular page is dedicated to the fan art. Below are links to the characters and book covers that have been taken from other sources.


Book Covers

Fan Art

DJ Jaina, by Raider Jaina Solo

Lightning Strikes, by Jaina SoIo

TIE, made using Paint program, by Headhunter6

A freehand sketch of a Yuuzhan Vong with ooglith masquer, by Headhunter6

A freehand sketch of a Y-wing,by Headhunter6

Fleet, made from cut and pasted images, by Headhunter6

Jaina Solo, ready for action, by Raider Jaina Solo

Jaina and Kyp at Anakin's funeral *sob*, by Raider Jaina Solo

Jaina wallpaper, by Raider

Jaina NJO, by Raider

Jaina in the Trickster, by Raider

Jaina, by Raider

NJO wallpaper, sent by Spike, made by Jedi Freac (i think!)

Another Imp Fleet, by Ryan