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If you want to send stuff to me, give your opinion on the site, or just chat to a fellow Star Wars fan, then click on any of the links below to send the NJOFP admin and mod team an email.

Or, if you don't want to do that, fill in the form below, so I can have some feedback on your opinions on the site! Even better, go to my discussion forum and give your comments there!

The Great Fierce Deity

And if you want to speak to the fearless leader, get clicking on here to send me an email.

For any other comments, post on any of the links, or alternatively add me to your buddy lists on these IM services:

AOL Instant Messenger: You can find me as SithChickSticks or LtSticksSolo. I'm always on this one, and it doesnt really matter which one you contact me as.

MSN Messenger: I usually change my name a lot, but add me as I'm on MSN a lot as well so keep a look out for me.

Yahoo! Messenger: I'm on as lieutenantsticks. I'm not on Yahoo! a lot, but when I am, you can find me under the mentioned name.

So, there you go. My email addresses and IM names. Now you dont have an excuse for not saying hi!!

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