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Welcome to NJOFP!!!


About the NJOFP

Mmmkay, heres the tale of this humble site!

The NJOFP was created by me, LtSticks, aka Emma. The history of this noble site (LOL) is a fairly short but eventful one, so enjoy the tale!!

The NJO FanPage was originally created by me, Emma Watts on July 31st 2001 at, as The NJO FanPage. This was deleted after a few weeks because it was, to be honest, a load of rubbish, and so on September 30th, The New Jedi Order FanPage was relaunched at About.
However, trouble struck again on November 20th, when About announced that it was stopping all of it's homepages, and so they would be wiped out. Oh no! And so began a race against time to save everything and find a new host to set up a site.
I looked around, and saw that had a good hosting service so I moved here in September 2001. Soon after the site began to take off, with the additon of a dynamic new forum as ammunition.
But if you think it was all happy ever after, you're wrong. A forum war had begun between us and UNJOH which was brief but bloody, with a number of the forum members being banned from UNJOH for good. Someone hacked the site and wiped it (AAAAAAGGGHHH!) But hey, this is the NJOFP, and after the stuff the site has faced, we will not let it fall. NJOFP rose above the war with UNJOH, and also a brief skirmish with the other NJOF, to become a popular site, and I hope it will one day be one of's cool sites.
So, after a long battle against the evil forces fighting to keep my site off the Net, here is the NJO FanPage. Hope you enjoy the ride.

The team of the NJOFP:

Me, LtSticks. Owner, webmaster and Administrator of NJOFP

The Moderators

Headhunter6: 2nd in command and advisor on the NJOCD
Wurth Skidder2k1: Resident fic writer and hard guy :P
The Great Fierce Deity, also known as KingChiss. Famed for his RPG skills

Also i think a mention is needed for Spike (Evil Sie) former co admin and now ally at his forums. Also to Kevin (Captain Piett), supreme advisor and master of the maniacal cackle :p To all of the others who I havent mentioned, sorry! You will one day be on here too...maybe u would like to be on the forum's hall of fame on here, known as the members' page?

The New Jedi Order FanPage is dedicated to Stephen, who made this possible. Rest in peace, man.