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Monique Randals, Super Heroine, Rules!

Nina Steel Adventures

Hi, my name's Judy, and I'm here to tell you that I just can't get enough of the Nina Steel Adventure series. Although, the main character, Nina Steel is a super cool heroine, Monique Randals, is the best. Monique, is one of Nina's older sisters and a fellow terrorist bounty hunter. She's kinda like a black widow when it comes to terrorist. She temps them with her uninhibited, super sexy style and then by by terrorist as she sends them on a one way ticket to hell! Boy, I think it would be great to have her around today, instead of in 2030 where the stories take place.

I started reading the series when it first came out in paperback about 2 years ago, However, I understand that the series had been sold in e-book and audio formats since 1991 or so. I got my first copy of Reunion from the author, Ray Hansen, he was at a book signing in Chicago. I stopped by his table I guess because he had a bowl of chocolate kisses. I grabbed a couple. Mr. Hansen handed me a book and asked me if I like books about self-confident heroines. I beamed at him, because I do and he had me sold. He was nice enough to sign the book to me and we talked for several minutes after that. Such a great guy. Too bad he's married. :-(

When I gotten to my car and opened the book thinking I'll just read a couple pages, ha! Four hours later I was still in my car with my legs crossed cause a had to pee so bad, but I just couldn't put the book down. Finally, mother-nature won out and I made a mad dash for the bookstore's coffee shop's bathroom. I spent the rest of the day at the coffee shop consuming Reunion. Wow! What a read. By time I was done I was hooked for ever on the Nina Steel Adventure series and I bought the other to books in the series, Banking on Torture and A Hamster in a Microwave.

I can't say how many times I've read them, but I wore out Banking on Torture and had to buy a new one. I can't wait until the 4 th book in the series comes out. It was suppose to be out last Christmas but I guess it was delayed because the author's son has some health problems. Too bad.

Above all, Nina, Monique and Romana (other sister) are heroines of the future. They're powerful, smart, self-empowered, and sexy heroines that know how to take on the world and win. They don't "need" men, but have them if they want them. Thank goodness long gone are the days when women had to ride in the passenger seat. Take the wheel with Nina Steel and feel the power of a truly great heroine!
Also I've heard there is a movie deal in the works for the Nina Steel Adventure Series. It that great or what!



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