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Concept Pitch
category: anthro-fiction

Two species now exist on this exotic planet. There are the Mammal type humanoids who have colonized and there are Reptile humanoids, who are the natives to this planet. And is now the beginning of a merge. The main story begins in a city filled with colonials along with the main character, the Hybrid. This city has undergone threat from some of the reptilian natives. The Hybrid now discovered the intensions of the natives' threats, the desire of Utopia by means of eleminating the mammal colonies.
The Hybrid becomes the hero because of his desire to protect the Mammals.
This becomes the beginnig of a war led by a reptilian mafia and the villan as their leader. The hero and his friends who help him in his quest are confronted by small and large obstacles that target their city and their personal lives. As each oponent is defeated, the hero aproches further to defeat the villan.
As the story moves on, the involvement of the hero and his friends become ever more important to the entire planet. The evil influences are confronted, discovering that their intents where based on clouded selfish greed. Many important characters present are injured and some even die for their causes. Our hero and his friends become the guidance, leadership and hope for the entire planet and the inhabitants. This now becomes the beginning of the new era for the bond between the two civilizations, hence the title "Neo-Species."

The Mammal civilization is based mostly on records of Human societies, in addition to their own preassessing culture. Their beleif is in the coming of understanding the meaning of humanity. Their celebrations are marked by grand declerations or conquests.

There are many reptilian races, even up to fifteen percent of their population consist of flying types. The beleif system is based on prsperity for all and strict rules with mystical forsight clarity. The equivalent of Holidays revolve around the seasons and the mixed phases of their two moons.