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Name: Naariu Veragus
Hight: 5' 11"
Weight: 150lb
Date of Birth: 105 611 c.e.
Eyes: orange
Hair: dark red
Other: large fine point ears
Race: gernutious fleanusian

In the year 105 629 C.E.

Naariu Veragus was among the infamous group "The Corrupted Ones" the inside troops of the dragons, along with Gunt Logan and Flak Heishen. Naariu gets his information by pretending to go out with Genda Lee, a friend of Siam Timber's. Kamome Dourmen all though discovers Naariu's little secret, tries to warn Genda. Naariu also has a little run in with an old acquaintance from the Quan Unga where Jague Edguardo was harbored and became a dark defender of the tribe, Naariu's princess sister was not to mix with reptile blood but she was in love with one of the allied Igganado, the princess secretly told her younger brother that she wanted to run off with the reptilian one, he forbade it for he felt that the reptilians where of sacred blood and should never be tampered with. She said she would never accept any one else to love. So he let her love the reptilian, he then killed her. He would rather end her life at a happy time than to let her live in torment. He was loyal to the reptilians, he rather kill his sister than one of the Igganado. He was banished for killing the princess of the tribe and Jague had vowed to hunt him down if they ever crossed paths.