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Name: Jague Edguardo
Hight: 7'9"
Weight: 275 lb
Date of Birth: 105 599c.e.
Eyes: brown
Hair: black/brown
Other: round back edged ears and modestly built.
Race: fanophine felanusian

In the year 105 629 C.E.

The city of NewBridge publishes the article about the 20 year disappearance of Jague Edguardo. His long lost friend, Shadow Lyon, had determined to find him. After thorough searching, she arrives at a last documented location of his whereabouts: the Quan Unga. Shadow decides to follow the river to were she might be able to find some group that might help her. As she is passing through the words, she finally encounter Jague. He takes her to the tribe to where he had found sanctuary for all those years. Now he faces with the hard choice of staying in his tribe and having to say goodbye to his old friend or to leave his jungle home and venture into the city again.