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The journey of contemplation for this strainuous and horrificaly long story goes back for many years.
During the mid 1990's, as my addiction to drawing was in full development, I had begun character designs and contructing story concepts, after many trials, and sibling ridicule, one character had stuck through the torment, it's outer appearance morphing with time. The spirit of Claw Kentrose was born in these early years, After so many drawings, I had begun to understand who he was as I had seen people that I know reflecting from him. None of the main characters had kept their proto apearance from 1997, which was the year when the concept was finaly given it's current title "Neo-Species".

To my surprise, some of my drawings of this had been seen by who is one day to be the voice actrice for her favorit character: Shadow Lyon.
During 1999, the constuction of the plans for it's production had started for it's greatest for, as an intended television series, then there soon came the plans for developping a movie format in the middle of the main story.

The first primitive publication in a public distribution was created for a college anthology comic book in 2000. and so for the 2001 and 2002 issues of this college publication. Not much advancement is made for the production plans, But there has been suggestion of making a graphic novel publication, for an acquaintance has already encountered some publishers who, as he sais, "would fight over for." Of course I put this into consideration, yet the plans for television production does not fade away.
There are many new developments in the animation industry, my own capabilities are so limited, but with the help of a future production crew, Neo-Species could even hit the screen as a 3D CGI.

I have heard a lot of good feedback from acquaintances, some even sharing with other people, and there are also reactions of amazement that baffles my own belief. This wonderful feedback encourages greatly the continuing of the story.
There is more than just this story that my artistic grasp is currently holding, there is also some consultant work and other types of character designs that I indulge in, to share with others my abilities. I enjoy the "furry" world and also the anime and manga, some classic styles and of course the fine arts: painting, portraits, sculpting ans such. Obviously by what you have experienced on this site, I have also developed and obtained a lot of computer knowledge.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the future production crew, there are many positions to find, upmost there is the voices for each character. Monologs can be available upon request. There are numerous characters to be cast, do please have a look and give atry, who knows if you will have the gig.

Claw Kentrose - Cougar Lyon - Siam Timber - Jague Edguardo
Shiva Dourmen - Kamome Dourmen - Genda Lee - Dakren Gamma - Slugger Gamma
Tyranous Washamytson - BeyBex Inafen - Jushtehr "Cameleon" Hranof
Naariu Veragus - Gunt Logan - Flak Heishen - Ishijani Gamma

So as you may see here, one person is already listed and there are also other good possible candidates for the previously listed characters

The voice of
Mylene Paquin as Shadow Lyon