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Name: Cougar Lyon
Hight: 6' 04"
Weight: 254lb
Date of Birth: 105 601 c.e.
Eyes: turquoise
Hair: gold/blonde
Other: rounded ears
Race: pure felanusian

In the year 105 627 C.E.

Cougar Lyon had recently earned his second doctorate (Technology & Chemistry), he is now the youngest valuable inventor in the capital. He is long time friends with Siam Timber, ever since he was eight. He had found that he loved her dearly after he rescued her from suicide when he was sixteen. As Siam continued to suffer in her family's home, she was treated like trash, that is why she stayed with Cougar, all throughout grade school and post grade school at the NewBridge Academy. Later on, Cougar stumbles upon some surprising information when he had been doing research through his family tree: that he is direct descendent of an old monarchy that ruled the Septantren land back on Earth. Through his dreams, he relives what he assumes to be a past life, a prince of the Septantren region, Sir Carsten Lyon of the Dragon Slayers.