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Name: Claw Kentrose
Hight: 9'
Weight: 549 lb
Date of Birth: 105 599 c.e.
Eyes: blue
Skin/Scales: blue-green
Other: five rounded horns alined on his head, view from profile.
Very built physique.
Race: 50% blue-diranocite, 50% kyrtanous (hybrid)
In the year 105 627 C.E.

Claw Kentrose is Lieutenant of the NewBridge Military Force. Raised only by his true mammal mother, Rissona Kentrose, he developed a lack of security when it came to the other children that surrounded him. He began attending grade school when he was seven, at a height of 4'7" he was already taller then the ones that had just begun post grades. At the age of fourteen, he had been reluctantly accepted to White-Brook High, a public post grade school in the region of Metosh-Ektina, around 30 km away from the borders of NewBridge (the capital of Genda-Inaktu). It was at White-Brook where he had first met Shiva Dourmen, she was a transfer student who shared similar aspects with him, she also is a hybrid (only of two mammals) and overly average tall. The two misfits became good friends, even if they did admit to like each other, nothing could be done for when Claw turned 17, he was accepted into the NewBridge Academy for his final few years so that he could achieve his goal of becoming a protector of justice. Only a couple of years before the Dragon Rebellion began, he found her again working at Sandy's Diner as a waitress. They got back together.