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Name: Bey Bex Inafen
Hight: 7' 03"
Weight: 382lb
Date of Birth: 105 564c.e.
Eyes: sulfer-red
Skin/Scales: dirt-orange/stormy-blue/mauve
Other: sound-flaps that open and retract settled behind his eyes
Race: surgotien pladares

In the year 105 630 C.E.

Bey Bex is the being behind the Dragon Rebellion. A group of prophets found him in a wooded area in the lands of Glanimaket when he was only the age of three. The prophets saw that he would become a powerful leader, so they had taken him into their clan and raised him to become as wise as the ancients themselves. The prophets dubbed him Bey Bex Inafan ( Leader of Highest). His beliefs shifted slowly to that of his ancestors, those who reigned before the arrival of the mammal terrestrians. His dream was to regain the power they had over the lands, to be rid of the filth which is represented by the mammals. He became delusional in his insane plot to cleans Terradi.