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The Four Horsemen

Caspian dreamed of killing the people; Silas wanted to steal the horses; Kronos dreamed of power and fear, but when raiding a village, all Methos wanted was fresh clean breath.
Methos and Cassandra 1

"No, Methos, please! They're too curiously strong!"
Methos and Cassandra 2

Having said he wanted the "chewy mint," Methos was slightly perturbed when his slave brought him a package of Breath Savers.
Methos on his knees

Before Duncan could warn him that Mentos were not like other mints, Methos was rendered powerless by the chewy freshmaker.
Methos without a shirt

At first, Methos thought his wintergreen Tic Tacs were working extremely well until he realized that he'd forgotten to put a shirt on that morning.
Methos and his sword

Until Richie saw Methos's new sword, he never realized how far the old man's obsession had gone.
Methos in a baggy sweater

Methos knew Kronos forgave him for not killing MacLeod. What he didn't know was if Kronos would excuse him so freely for stealing his Dentyne Ice.

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