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November, 2002

Posted 11/1/2002 [November Newsletter]

- The MacMINT Asylum November Newsletter, 2002.
In this month's issue:

* Death of a Clan-Sib
* Reno Con Photos
* X-Men 2 Exclusive
* Highlander/Wingfield Calendars
* Birthdays for November

* * *

- Death of a Clan-Sib.

I am truly sorry to announce that one of our clan sibs has recently passed away. Dannell Lites resided in padded cell #9. She was committed on August 17, 1998 and was one of the first patients at the Asylum to join before we even had a web site. She died due to natural causes on September 16, 2002. I will personally miss Dannell and all she brought with her to the fandoms she was a part of. If anyone wants any additional information on her death, please email me privately.

* * *

- Reno Con Photos.

Some photos of Peter Wingfield from the PWFC Reno Road Trip have been posted by Kim Claar at http://kimac.tripod.com/roadtrip1.html.

* * *

- X-men 2 Exclusive.

Some new images from X-men 2, a few with Peter in them, have been posted at http://www.ew.com/ew/allabout/0,9930,36522~11~~x-men2,00.html under Photo Galleries.

* * *

- Highlander/Wingfield Calendars.

Reposted from the pwlist:

"Hi, everyone and please forgive the crosspost. Feel free to forward this information to anyone you think might be interested.

"For those of you wanting Leah's Highlander cartoon calendars or the Peter Wingfield photo calendars for Christmas gifts, don't let the time slip away from you! I will need orders by December 5th. The calendars will be available from Mysti Frank at several upcoming conventions, including Eclecticon but in very limited quantities. If you've ordered recently, I've finally gotten all of the orders printed after our trips away to Dragoncon and Gatecon. They should all be in the mail in the next few days, but Leah is having surgery Monday so my schedule is probably still going to be a little screwed up. http://calendars.ashtonpress.net/

"I'm sitting on some Highlander cartoons Leah drew a while back that just need coloring in. I'm hoping to be able to post them to the site soon.

"In other news:

"I've just posted Leah's latest Stargate cartoon. This is the one mentioned in my Gatecon reports, for those of you who have read them (and if you haven't, they can be found at: http://photos.ashtonpress.net/gatecon2002.htm), that was sort of written partly by 'committee' at the convention. It's called Oops! or 'Daniel Unascended.' Leah's done a sketch for another new cartoon, but she's having surgery today, so I'm not certain how long it will be before we get another finished one. I quite like the little Ba birds on this latest one.

"I've also updated the calendars website as this is the 'mystery' cartoon that was listed there for the month of May.

"Time is also running out to get your order in for the new Jack/Daniel zine, Pretense #4 if you want your name in the raffle drawing for the 'Danny' Bear. The deadline is October 15th. Of course, you can continue to order the fanzine after that, but you'll have missed out on the raffle. This zine *may* be available from Mysti at Eclecticon, but that is entirely dependent upon the printer having copies back to me in time to ship. http://fanzines.ashtonpress.net/pretense.htm

"Because Pretense #4 is running a month late from the original printing schedule, I've pushed the deadline for submissions for Redemption #2 back a little bit. The zine is two-thirds full, however, so if you have a gen story in the works, please consider submitting it to us! All of our Stargate zines can be found at: http://fanzines.ashtonpress.net/stargate.htm

"I get a lot of questions about upcoming zines and their availability. Unfortunately, I can't really answer these questions. When there is something new to announce, I announce it, both on the website and here. If I haven't made an announcement, it's because there is *nothing new to report*. Trust me, I want you to know when there are website updates, new photos, new cartoons, new zines, new stories...I only have two hands, though. ;-)

"Annie [Ashton7@aol.com]"

* * *

- Birthdays for November.

11.01 - Maeve (PC#3)
11.01 - Titania (PC#45)
11.01 - Morgana (PC#79)
11.02 - Norma Kaye (PC#111)
11.04 - Cassandra (PC#42)
11.05 - Nicole (PC#89)
11.11 - Silk (PC#164)
11.12 - Leilani (PC#94)
11.13 - Spirit Dancing (PC#29)
11.13 - micky (PC#35)
11.13 - Elisabeth Molly (PC#92)
11.15 - Flynn MacLair (PC#20)
11.15 - Morgana Lefay (PC#121)
11.19 - Easterly (PC#100)
11.20 - Erchomenos (PC#134)
11.26 - Katchoo aka Kelci (PC#72)
11.27 - Ms. Madness (PC#154)
11.28 - Laura (PC#31)
11.28 - Elizabeth (PC#32)
11.29 - Jenna B. (PC#68)
11.30 - Whipped Cream Goddess (PC#81)
11.30 - Anastasia (PC#166)

Happy birthday to all patients with November birthdays. If your birthday is in November and I missed you, or if your birthday is wrong on this list, please email me to confirm that I have it recorded right.

* * *

Join us next month for more clan updates. Same clan time. Same clan channel.

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