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KSR Forum
The Demimode

Welcome to This site is for anyone interested in the writings of Kim Stanley Robinson, author of the Mars Trilogy, the Three California's Trilogy, Antarctica, The Years of Rice and Salt and most recently Forty Signs of Rain. On this site you'll find a complete biblography with book covers, critics comments and reviews, interviews with KSR, a biography and links to KSR related sites. There is also an archive of content from the previous version of the site. Enjoy.

Recent works

Forty Signs of Rain

Hardback published
5th January 2004 (UK)
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1st June 2004 (US)

Paperback published
7th February 2005 (UK)
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The Years of Rice and Salt

Hardback published
4th March 2002 (UK)
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26th February 2002 (US)

Paperback published
3rd February 2003 (UK)
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3rd June 2003 (US)

Site last updated: 10/4/2005
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