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some of this site contains the following - bad language (my fault), sex (their fault), violence (our fault) and other squicky stuff.
follow the warnings, huh?

btvs/ats fic is yon
harry potter fic is yon
other fic is yon with a handy fandom list further down this page
fic - most of it - is yon
fic I'm not at all happy with is yon
random other stuff is yon
nanowrimo novel 2002 is yon
links are yon
livejournal is yon

New stuff -
03/08/06 - SGA fic and ficlet.
16/09/06 - another spn pornish bit
08/12/06 - a Jack/TARDIS bit, an SGA teamfic and an SPN ripoff of Jane Austen. geez, I've been slacking.

2007! Now June! I have been slacking more! All I have is old stuff! A Hellboy fic that might actually be from this year, and drabbles (thirteen ENTporn and three assorted) from four years ago! Perhaps, if I continue to go through my lj, I will find more crap!

Good god, y'all, it's 2008. Some Martha drabbles, a Dexter fic and a Pepper vignette.

Battle Royale - two
Black Books - one
Daria - one crossover
Dexter - one
Dr Who - many
Due South - one and one crossover
Firefly - one
Good Omens - two
Hellboy - one
Highlander - one
Historical Person Slash - one
House - one crossover and one drabble
Iron Man - one
Ivor The Engine - one crossover
Lord Of The Rings - one
LOTRPS - two
Pirates Of The Caribbean - some drabbles
Popslash - one
Queer As Folk - two crossovers (kinda)
Stargate: Atlantis - many
Stargate: SG-1 - two and one crossover
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - some
Star Trek: Enterprise - three
Supernatural - some/many
The Ring/Ringu - one
The Sentinel - one
The Truman Show - one
Van Helsing - one
West Wing - many
X-Files - some
X-Men 2 - two
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