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All you wanted
This is just a cute little Michael/Liz video. Michael wanted to be like Max, so he played the role and fell in love.

Coming Back
All of their memories of their relationship is rushing back to them. Can they forgive and forget the mistakes?

My SKin
This is a completely AU video! I had originally wanted it to be like max and liz have sex and then he like dumps her and shes all pregnant and what not. But, then I was I did this instead! Max and Liz are together for a year when they sleep together. After which, things get weird between them. Then Liz finds out shes Pregnant, and they dont know waht to do. But, Liz is convinced that she needs to find out on her own. So, she dumps Max. As Anti-M/L as it may sound, it actually is the complete opposite! This is a great video, and I hope you'll enjoy it!

Only One
Max will do whatever it takes to prove to Liz that she's his only one! This video is really good I think.

The Reason
Max used to be a drunk and violent person, until he met Liz. He now has her to thank for making him a better person.

With or without you
THIS IS THE FIRST VIDEO I EVER MADE! So, Its not that good! lol. But, I dont know, I like to look back and see how I've progressed, or in some cased degressed...if thats a word.

This Video isnt horribly anti...alright well maybe it is. Its just about how Max is scarred from when Liz cheated on him. I really like this video!

Liz is stupid when it comes to Max. She keeps on making the same mistakes.
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This is just a complete anger video from Liz's point of view. Max cheated on Liz with tess and Liz feels that he forgot everything she meant to him.

I hate Everything About You
This is a max/liz/michael triangle video. Liz cheats on Max with Michael, Michael really loves her, but he is just a toy to Liz. Eventually, Max finds out and anger persues!

Cry Me A river
Yet again, another Max/Michael/Liz video. Max was hurt, and now hes out to make sure that Liz feels what hes going through. But, who has the last laugh when Max is alone and Michael and Liz have eachother?
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Foolish Games
After Max dumps Liz, she reflects on all of the times hes hurt her. This video is actually kind of sad. :-( Poor liz

Let Me In
This is Michael/Liz. IT's sort of Anti and sort of not. It has a very complicated story line. So, watch it first, and then if you dont get it read the description.
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Only Love I've Known
Liz and Max were in love, but knew it could never last. So, Liz left him and as Max sulks he realizes that he has a Tess. Tess wants more, but Liz and Max are still in love. When Max finally gives up on him and Liz, he moves on to tess with a broken heart a mind full of Liz. Liz sees them together and leaves town. I like the end of this video.
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Don't Tell Me
"Dont Tell me what to do, don't tell me what to say. You're better off that way." If you know the song by avril lavigne, then you know what the vids about!

Liz was saved my max only to be killed once more when she finds out that he cheated on her. Now shes torn and empty.

A Decade under the influence
This is the first ever Michael/Liz video I did! Im not quite sure what the plot is...but i liked it!

A look at Liz in early Season 3.

Getting Away With Murder

Slipped Away
An Episodic of Cry your name

An episodic of the dreams from The Balacne and Four Square.

"All the girls say Im pretty fly for a white guy"! Thats right! The men of Roswell baby!
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Only Love
This is an extremely complicated video! Its a Max/Liz Max/Tess and Liz/Sean. I was experimenting with voice overs when I made this video.

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