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Websites Of Interest

John Titor Exposed Websites Of Interest

Please keep in mind that it is very simple for anyone to create a hoax. You can find basically anything you want to know on the internet. How many times has Titor said something like "I looked it up and it says..."? On other sites people have researched refrences to news articles of around the time Titor was posting to what he was saying about nuclear bombs, Russia and other related things. If you have an imagination, which I'm sure you do, you can conjure up a story of relating news stories or do some intense research on the web, pick-and-paste whatever information you would like, and create a hoax.

These are sites I came accross that could potentially be sites Titor visited and took the information he needed to create this hoax. I'm not saying these are actual sites that Titor has visited, they are only for refrence purposes only.

Remember .0002377%? Check out the next 3 sites.