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Jedime's Po' Boy Star Wars Customs


Quermian Mandalorian

(from Fett Club)


Another strange usage from my ever-dwindiling eBay parts lot. There's not a lot of Quermian figures to make, so I had been planning on making this joke figure, only I wasn't sure how quite to put it together at first. All the joints had been boil'n'popped prior to my getting the figure, and i couldn't jam them back in. The waist on the figure had been broken off, and the skirt was missing, so that provided a challenge as well. I also had no chest armor, and the helmet didn't fit right. I wound up cutting the sides of the limbs so that they'd pop in easier, and still be articulated, I used the bottom of a Jedi cloak as a new skirt for the figure and glued it around the top of the legs, and then glued that to the bottom of the torso. I repainted an AT-RT Driver chest plate and for the head I actually wound up chopping off the top of Yareal's head and cutting down the head of a Swoop Rider head that also came with the parts lot. I knew of all the fodder heads I had that I'd never find a use for the Swoop head, and so I used it instead of Yareal's head - which I'll als oprobably never find a use for, but it's more likely than Swoopy Boy. The hands, of course, were the biggest problem - as I didn't have any! The fix? A Boba Fett rifle glued over the right hand, and an Ackbar wrist gun covering the left. It's crude, and it doesn't work so well, but I can live with it.


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