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Jedime's Po' Boy Star Wars Customs


Jess Allashane


A long time ago... ah, the joke is too obvious. Moving on- A long time ago, I made a Major Derlin figure. Soon afterwards, I realized that Major Derlin stood a fair chance of being made by Hasbro. There was a rebel crewmember, and a Dresslian Jedi that I wanted to make, and I realized that I could make with Hoth Luke, Mace Windu, and Pruneface figures, so I saved the pics, wrote down the figures on my to do list, and patiently waited for Derlin to be released. It took four or five years, but it finally happened. Now at the time I had noticed that Pruneface's vest was a reused Hoth Trooper vest and figured I'd make a white vested Hoth Trooper, as the only ones at the time either had a beard or goggles covering thier face. Between then a now we got a new Hoth Trooper, but I've been planning this figure for so long I did it anyway. I made it Jess Allashane, because he has an olive green head scarf, and the Saga Hoth Trooper has a white one, and therefore I didn't repeat a figure :) Derlin's mustache was hard to scape off (the rest of his brown coloring was surprisingly easy) so I tried to touch it up, with limited success. The other two figures made from Derlin's parts are forthcoming, as even though I have a large stockpile of Jedi fodder figures, none are the Mace Windu that I need!


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